Week 7: Shared Sticky Notes

October 13, 2013

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Before postings from classmates and friends

YES! I love this technology! I love sticky notes, notecards, and small pieces of paper in general to jot down ideas. I’m constantly writing notes to myself and others and sticking them everywhere, what a nice way to keep track of ideas generated in short form.


Before I created my own Padlet, I visited my classmate Phil Lanman’s wall (http://padlet.com/wall/c45ti66ln8) and I was convinced that this technology is awesome. He created a Padlet that allows students to post a picture of the coolest place they’ve ever been on a map background. This could potentially help students learn more about geography, each other, and stimulate classroom conversation about world locations.


For my Padlet, I decided to create a page where students can post their favorite book. The background is a picture of a really old looking open, faced book that I found using Google Advanced Image Search. The only problem that I have with Wallwisher is that I can’t change the style of the sticky notes. Perhaps there is a way to change this, but I wasn’t able to find it.


I sent out an email to my classmates and made a post on my personal Facebook page to try to get participants to post on my Wallwisher. So hopefully, I can get some good feedback about this instructional technology.


After collaborative postings

I really enjoyed creating the Padlet and having people post. It’s unbelievably easy to post; students don’t need an account or anything to post. If this technology was used in the classroom, students could potentially remain anonymous and the teacher could moderate the discussion by approving all sticky notes before they were posted.


It was great to see everyone’s responses to the posting boards. Our class worked really well to pass on the board to everyone and participate in others’ boards.


The only thing that I don’t really like about technology is that it is kind of plain. I don’t think that it’s very visually appealing, at least my board isn’t. I tried to give it more pizzazz, however because I wasn’t able to change the look and feel of the actual sticky notes, it wasn’t as pretty as I would like it to be.  But I think this is part of the appeal of the technology, it doesn’t have very many bells and whistles. Students/participants can go onto the board and post their ideas, quickly and informally. It doesn’t necessarily have to look pretty; it’s more of an idea wall.


This technology could be used to illicit ideas about class concept or feelings about the flow of a class. As I mentioned earlier, students could post anonymously so it could be used as an exit task for class or to review questions from a previous class. Students could potentially use the wall to post questions they have about an assignment as well. Overall, I like Wallwisher and the concept behind it.

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